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An Ongoing Series on Book Recommendations for the Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Do you remember how you came upon the raw vegan lifestyle?

Do you remember WHY?

It’s different for everyone but usually concerns a weight loss or healing goal.

And for those ethical vegans eating cooked, their research eventually led them to the living foods diet, believing it was their species-specific diet.

Sometimes the initial shift to give up animal products comes from a documentary or an “a-ha” moment.

Whatever applies to you – and maybe you’re “plant curious” at this stage – I recommend (wait for it…) books!

This article will be ever-evolving as I add books from my library. I have hundreds!

Some of the authors are no longer vegan! Some of the authors have passed away. And some of the authors are addiction experts who teach people to quit smoking!

Point is, we have to be open to learning new things. Let’s hear them out. See what resonates. And combine it with our own life experience, discernment, knowledge, and intuition.

Here is a partial list of books I recommend on the raw vegan diet and why. Check back often as I release new videos and work through my library.

(1) “Your Health Your Choice” by Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr.

“Your Health Your Choice” is a book about health! Its subtitle is “Your Complete Personal Guide to Wellness Nutrition and Disease Prevention. The ground-breaking program that lets you choose the best foods for your body’s chemistry.”

The author, Dr. M. Ted Morter, is known for his work in holistic health and chiropractic care.

Throughout the book, he comes down hard on excess protein but understands the necessity of protein for a functioning body. His emphasis is on reducing excess and unnecessary protein.

Your Health Your Choice book cover

The book covers the fundamentals on:

  • How your body works to keep you alive
  • How to monitor your current level of health
  • How food causes responses in your body
  • How too much protein leads to disease
  • The importance of alkalinity
  • Meal planning
  • Food combining
  • Proper exercise

The book gives you the knowledge you need to make good choices but leaves the choice of health in your hands.

You make the choice as to how you respond to the temptation of eating your favorite foods that can harm your health.

“The paradox of protein is that it is not only essential but also potentially health-destroying. Adequate amounts are vital to keeping your cells hale and hearty and on the job; but unrelenting consumption of excess dietary protein congests your cells and forces the pH of your life-sustaining fluids down to cell-stifling, disease-producing levels. Cells overburdened with protein become toxic.”

The funny thing about this book is that it’s been updated, yet it’s still full of typos. A lot of Amazon readers found this distracting but loved the knowledge. You’ve been warned. 🙂

(2) “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

“Fit for Life” is considered a classic.

The book advocates a primarily raw vegan diet and proper food combining for optimal health. The emphasis is on consuming raw fruits and vegetables separately from cooked foods to improve digestion and overall well-being. 

Fit For Life book cover

The book proposes eating fruits in the morning and gradually transitioning to cooked foods later in the day. Processed foods are discouraged, and the focus is on natural, unprocessed plant-based options. 

The authors contend that this approach can enhance energy, weight management, and health.

The reason we instinctively crave fruit is that fruit, without any question, is the most important food we can put into the human body. It is the one food that the human species is biologically adapted to.

pg. 62 of “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

The book encourages increased consumption of raw produce to maximize nutrients and aid digestion, promoting better overall health outcomes.

They also cover natural hygiene principles, cancer, the seven stages of the disease, the theory of detoxification, and how to prevent the disease from manifesting in your body.

The method of eating one fruit at a time for a meal (mono-meals) – or one style of eating for a set period of healing or cleansing – is also introduced in this book.

And although I wouldn’t call it a raw vegan cookbook, the latter part of the book includes many inspiring recipes!

Check it out for health, energy, inspiration, disease prevention, proper food combining, and weight loss!

(3) “Living Foods Lifestyle” by Brenda Cobb

This book promotes a holistic approach to health and well-being by consuming raw, living foods.

Cobb goes over the healing properties of enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants found in living foods, which she believes can rejuvenate the body and support its natural healing mechanisms. 

Living Foods Lifestyle book cover

Like the previous books, she believes this way of eating can potentially prevent and heal various health issues.

Cobb discusses the importance of detoxification, a positive mindset, and stress reduction as complementary aspects of achieving optimal health.

Cobb herself recovered from a cancer diagnosis – and founded a school to teach the Living Foods Lifestyle to others. 

Brenda includes many stories from her students, who have recovered from many chronic diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, depression, Bell’s Palsy, obesity, allergies, and candida.

Brenda reviews the causes of disease, including how and why toxicity and deficiency have become common.

She then discusses why living foods are healing – and provides a detailed description of the lifestyle. 

There is even a chapter on Body-Mind-Spirit where she goes over the importance of cleaning the colon and thinking positively as part of a healing journey.

Cobb includes setting up and maintaining a kitchen for the Living Foods Lifestyle. 

Brenda provides detailed recipes for the four basic healing foods and an additional 54 recipes! She includes main dishes, salads, dressings, desserts, crackers, and cookies.

You’ll find a complete description of Cobb’s 10-day program at her Institute in Atlanta, where students can detoxify and begin their healing process.

This book has enough details to allow readers to implement the program at home.

The book’s main takeaway includes all the healing benefits of incorporating raw fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, and fermented foods into one’s diet.

(4) “Fruit the Food & Medicine for Man” by Morris Krok

This book costs a fortune on Amazon now! I wish I didn’t highlight anything in my copy – I could have re-sold it on Amazon. 😉

This book is one of the older ones that first started discussing the virtues of eating a fruit-based diet for health and well-being.

Dr. Krok argues that fruits provide essential nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants that promote vitality and prevent diseases

He discusses the natural healing properties of various fruits and their role in supporting the body’s immune system. 

The book also delves into the idea that fruits are better suited for human digestion and metabolism than many other foods. 

Krok advocates for consuming fruits as a fundamental source of nourishment and healing.

(5) “Your Healthy Journey” by Dr. Fred Bisci

I’ve spoken to Dr. Bisci on the phone many times, and I love this guy! He’s a passionate New Yorker who’s overcome a million challenges while staying consistent with the raw foods lifestyle for over 50 years!

Your Healthy Journey book cover

“Your Healthy Journey” reflects Dr. Bisci’s fifty-plus years of experience working with more than 35,000 patients in the areas of nutritional prevention of illness and healing. 

Dr. Bisci was an accomplished athlete who learned to thrive physically and spiritually through a healthy lifestyle. 

He is one of the earliest promoters of the body, mind, and spirit connection. 

Dr. Bisci promotes a raw food lifestyle, including proper food combining (and accepting divine order in our lives) as a formula for healing and longevity.

He discusses the Phase of Adaptation, i.e. the time needed for the body to accept a new, healthy lifestyle – the Phase of Recuperation from injuries caused by harming our bodies – the Phase of Stabilization during which our bodies will balance to their most natural weight – and the Phase of Anabolism, the time during which our physical bodies will build itself to its natural best.

The Eating Guidelines he proposes, two to three well-composed meals per day, is something one can follow for lifelong benefits.

And for those transitioning from a meat-based diet, he even includes a plan for them!

(6) “The Daylight Diet” by Paul Nison 

Paul encourages readers to align their food consumption with the body’s natural circadian rhythm and sunlight exposure. 

The book emphasizes consuming most of one’s daily calories during daylight hours and fasting during the evening and nighttime. 

It suggests that the body’s digestive processes are most efficient during the daytime when the sun is up and that eating in harmony with this cycle can lead to better digestion, weight management, and overall health. 

The book also advocates for a diet primarily based on raw, plant-based foods, including fruits and vegetables, to maximize nutrient intake and support well-being. 

Eat during the day – focus on whole, living, and unprocessed foods – and watch your vitality soar!

(7) “Easy Way for Women to Lose Weight” by Allen Carr

This one isn’t promoted as a raw food diet book but instead provides a psychological approach to addressing overeating and unhealthy eating habits. 

While not specific to a raw vegan diet, Carr’s method can be applied to this lifestyle because he takes a common sense approach to choosing our foods.

Allen Carr was a chain-smoker for over 30 years. In 1983, after countless failed attempts to quit, he went from 60–100 cigarettes a day to zero without suffering withdrawal pangs, without using willpower, and without putting on weight. He realized that he had discovered what the world had been waiting for, the easy way to stop smoking, and embarked on a mission to help cure the world’s smokers.

As a result of the phenomenal success of his method, he gained an international reputation as the world’s leading expert on stopping smoking and his network of clinics now spans the globe. His first book, Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking, has sold over 12 million copies, remains a global bestseller, and has been published in more than 40 different languages.

Allen Carr’s Easyway method has been successfully applied to a host of issues including sugar addiction, alcohol, debt, and other addictions.

About the Author – Amazon

He has two other books about eating and nutrition, Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Emotional Eating: Set Yourself Free from Binge-Eating and Comfort-Eating and Lose Weight Now The Easy Way.

All of these books help the reader to reframe their relationship with food, encouraging a shift in mindset that makes it easier to choose healthier options like raw fruits and vegetables. 

Lose Weight Now The Easy Way Book Cover by Allen Carr

These books emphasize breaking the mental associations between food and comfort, leading to more mindful eating choices. 

And he spends a decent amount of time discussing what foods we would naturally choose to eat if not for the artificial processing, seasoning, cooking, and frying we do to our food.

When he breaks it down, the reader is left with the conclusion that the healthiest way to eat is to consume an abundance of raw fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

He doesn’t say it’s mandatory to lose weight, but he presents enough supporting evidence to give the reader some healthy food for thought about the living foods lifestyle.

He also breaks down the reality of what’s happening when we eat “treat” foods – until we’re concluding on our own that those kinds of foods aren’t actually treats at all!

He really makes it easy to choose healthy, whole foods for a vibrant life without any thoughts of deprivation.

Applying Carr’s principles to a raw vegan diet involves recognizing the benefits of nutrient-rich, unprocessed foods and acknowledging the body’s natural signals for hunger and fullness. 

By following this approach, individuals can transition to a raw vegan diet effortlessly – making it easier to maintain a healthy weight for life!

(8) 21-Day Raw Transformation Program by Matt Bennett

This is your complete guide to transition to a healthy and sustainable raw vegan lifestyle!

Full disclosure, I’m an editor of this book. With that said, this is the best raw vegan book out there! 🙂

21 Day Raw Transformation Program

It will teach you everything you need to know about being a successful raw vegan!

Matt’s program includes a 21-day meal plan (with over 75 low-fat, raw vegan recipes) and enough tools and resources to make the transition effortless.

Included in the book:

  • 200+ pages of comprehensive education and guidance
  • 75+ raw vegan recipes
  • 21-day raw vegan meal plan
  • 5 pillars to transformational change
  • How to prevent cravings and stay satisfied
  • Traffic Light System to build healthy boundaries around food
  • Daily meal design for optimal digestion and long-term success
  • Shopping Guide
  • So much more!

Some of the recipes inside:

Matt Bennett profile pic
  • Veggie Loaf
  • Pizza Bites
  • Lasagna
  • Tuno (mock tuna) Sliders
  • Hearty Vegetable Chili
  • Zughetti and Meatless Balls
  • Creamy Broccoli Salad
  • Wild Rice Stuffing
  • 21 Smoothie Recipes
  • 21 Salad Dressing Recipes
  • 21 5-Star Salad Recipes
  • So much more!

After helping hundreds of clients over the years, Matt has learned where most people struggle – and he uses the same tools in the book to help the reader overcome their challenges and shift their thoughts and actions.

If you want to hear him talk about his books in our interview, here is a short clip of Matt Bennett, aka Raw Intuition.

When you finish this book, your new and improved, healthy raw vegan life will be second nature.

(9) “Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda” by Joe Alexander

Most people live on an omnivorous diet and eat anything and everything! But that doesn’t mean we should be eating it. It doesn’t mean our bodies can digest it efficiently.

Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda

When Joe learned about the raw food diet back in the day, he decided it was worth knowing more.

He started with Arnold Ehret’s books, “Rational Fasting” and “Mucusless Diet Healing System” in 1973.

I immediately went on [Ehret’s] mucusless cleansing diet, which included cooked vegetables (and sometimes baked bananas). It made me feel cleaner inside and better, but not the great energy increase Ehret had described.

Then when I read Teresa Mitchell’s “Roads to Health and Happiness” in 1976, I tried all raw fruit and 4 days later felt a dramatic increase in energy, and have been about 95% raw ever since.

Joe Alexander

Is Joe still eating raw today?

I had the good fortune of interviewing Joe in person (in Arkansas), and I invite you to watch this 4-minute clip:

But the answer is – yes! However, he’s incorporated the occasional raw animal product.

Regardless of his current diet, his book’s suggestions are timeless. And the book is considered a classic in the raw vegan movement – I think you’ll be inspired!

(10) “The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook” by Karin Dina, DC, with Rick Dina, DC

Rick and Karin Dina are healthcare practitioners and long-time followers of a raw food diet.

They’ve provided the science to back up the health benefits of a nutritious raw diet.

They also offer a Science of Raw Food Nutrition course that’s considered an ideal education for those interested in this lifestyle.

If you can’t afford their course, this book is a great foundation and is considered a raw food masterclass book!

It includes all the peer-reviewed research (combined with their clinical experience) on why raw diets are so beneficial and how to construct a raw diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients. 

The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook covers issues such as getting enough protein, understanding calorie and nutrient density, focusing on whole plant foods, hydration, and combining food.

The Dinas provide examples of some of the most popular raw food diets and discuss the nutritional adequacies of each one.

Other useful sections of the book:

  • The effect of heat on nutrients
  • Why whole plant foods are vital to health and satiety
  • The relationship of fruit to the glycemic index and glycemic load
  • How to optimize your omega-3 levels with whole plant foods
  • Understanding nutrient and calorie density to determine the most nutritious foods

They also share some of the success strategies they’ve used over the years to help people stay raw over the long term and how to make sense of conflicting nutritional information.

Here is a sample chart they recently sent out in one of their newsletters to make it easy to compare raw foods to various types of cooked foods:

I recommend subscribing to their newsletter for nuggets of wisdom – and I highly recommend their book and course.

(11) “Quantum Eating” by Tonya Zavasta

The latest edition of Quantum Eating is revised and updated and includes all the health and longevity tips from eating a raw vegan diet.

Quantum Eating book cover

The author, Tonya Zavasta, has been raw for over 50 years – and she’s an expert on aging gracefully and looking young!

This book covers:

  • Her definition of the quantum body
  • Raw foods as sun energy
  • The circadian rhythms of vital organs
  • Sunblock and if we should use it
  • The importance of breathwork for optimal weight
  • Various types of oxygen therapies

It explains how you can be malnourished while eating a lot of healthy foods, how you can be dehydrated while drinking a lot of water, how you can shorten your life by using certain supplements, and how you can be aging your body by eating at night. 

Quantum Eating is about stepping away from a three-dimensional view of the human body and into the multi-dimensional world of healing possibilities. It offers rare optimism about aging. An easy, natural “elixir of youth” can be achieved without being a slave to traditional medicine. Life is a grand adventure.

This book offers a way for us to reach an optimum level of well-being to live the grandest life possible – with pure joy and vitality!

Amazon description

Raw Vegan Books that Empower Your Mind

I hope you enjoyed the first few books I grabbed off my bookshelf! Buckle your seatbelt because I’m going to provide an abundance of book titles and recommendations!

Do you want inspiration? I have you covered.

And if you read these books first thing upon waking before you grab your phone and let the world flood your brain, you will program yourself with positive input and increase your chances of success!

These books won’t give you the up-and-down dopamine hits of a flashy video, but they’ll inspire you to enjoy our abundant, colorful, tasty, hydrating, sun-filled species-specific diet without any feelings of deprivation.

Heal your body and mind with these raw vegan diet books.

I have Part Two in the works!

(12) “Igniting Your Life” by John McCabe

This is a GREAT book! I haven’t finished reading it all, but it’s filled with quotes and you can turn to any random page for inspiration on a given day.

I love the quote from Ann Wigmore (another favorite author of mine), “The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.”

As for the diet, McCabe recommends eating raw fruits and vegetables (pg. 308) and “stop eating junk food, to follow a fresh-food, plant-based diet, and to get daily physical activity” (pg. 310).

This review on Amazon sums it up best:

Igniting Your Life

As the title of this review says, I’m only on page 40. My outlook has already substantially been altered!!! There were some key things I wasn’t realizing that I needed to hear! Just what I have gotten out of it so far has been more than I have ever gotten out of any other either self help books, audio, anything.

And it sticks! Not just one of those, sounds great things, but it’s difficult to apply to your life, no, the realizations from this book went deep and aren’t full of flib flab. Every couple of pages is one of those “aha!” moments, that really opened up a whole new landscape for me.

And I also can tell that John McCabe is a really genuine feller. He’s not just selling some get rich quick book. He actually cares. I assume he has been in a hell of sorts as well as many of us. The “Success” referred to on the cover is being “enlightened” or shall we say AWARE of yourself, your soul, your capacity for love, self love, love of life, love of everything! Following your hearts desire, and maybe asking yourself what that Really is?

I’ll be honest, before beginning reading this book, I had already committed to improving my life, quitting all drugs, eating right, exercising, getting sunlight, and having healthy relationships, and I thought heck, why not up the ante, nothing to lose, can always return the book. And I was truthfully surprised at how much more in just two days my outlook has improved! I feel like I can best anything! For someone who has lost all hope I am CONFIDENT that it has EVERY bit of information you need to get on your feet and actually feel more hopeful and positive that you have even before whatever disaster came upon your life.

This is my favorite book and I’ve only just begun it. If you want a positive outlook on your life, DO NOT HESITATE, ORDER IT NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. You might find your blues gone forever, seriously. Just pick this book up any time you feel bluesy and I guarantee you it will do A LOT MORE than an antidepressant pill in WAY less time and last FOREVER not just the day of taking your “happy pill”. Please don’t use those, friends.

Remember you can always return it. It is TOTALLY worth what it costs. BELIEVE ME.

Much love from me to you on your journey 🙂

J. Walker, Amazon Review

“By a plant-based diet, I mean one that consists of raw fruits, vegetables, and berries, sprouts, soaked raw nuts and seeds, seaweeds, and absolutely no meat, dairy, eggs, processed sugars (including corn syrup); processed salts; synthetic food chemicals, fried food, or MSG. If there is anything that people don’t eat enough of, it is fresh, uncooked fruits, berries, and vegetables – especially green leafy vegetables.”

This man knows his stuff!

(13) “Goodbye Lupus” by Brooke Goldner, M.D.

Although “Goodbye, Lupus” isn’t a “raw book” exactly, if readers follow her protocol for healing, they end up being high raw, plant-based either way.

Goodbye Lupus by Brooke Goldner book cover

Dr. Goldner shares her personal journey of overcoming Lupus and provides guidance on how others can improve their health and potentially reverse autoimmune diseases through a plant-based diet and lifestyle changes.

Her approach focuses on consuming a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, and nuts while avoiding processed foods, dairy, meat, and other animal products.

She emphasizes the importance of nutrient-dense foods, especially those high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, to support the body’s natural healing processes.

While the specific ingredients can vary based on personal preferences, here’s a general idea of the ingredients commonly included in her recommended green smoothie:

  1. Leafy Greens: These are the foundation of the green smoothie and provide essential nutrients. Common choices include kale, spinach, Swiss chard, or collard greens.
  2. Fruits: Fruits add natural sweetness and additional nutrients. Common options include bananas, berries (such as strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries), and a variety of other fruits like mango, pineapple, or apple.
  3. Liquid Base: You’ll need a liquid base to blend the smoothie. Dr. Goldner often recommends using water or plant-based milk like almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk.
  4. Omega-3 Rich Seeds: Adding seeds like flax seeds or chia seeds provides healthy fats, fiber, and additional nutrients. They also help thicken the smoothie. These can be soaked in water before blending to improve digestibility.
  5. Additional Supplements (Optional): Dr. Goldner sometimes suggests adding supplements like ground turmeric, black pepper (to enhance turmeric absorption), and a vitamin B12 supplement. Of course, consult with a naturopath or healthcare provider before adding supplements to your diet.

Dr. Goldner also discusses the significance of factors like stress management, adequate sleep, and regular exercise in managing autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

It turns out her protocol contains wisdom for healing much more than Lupus and it offers great guidelines for people new to the plant-based journey.

She promotes a holistic approach to health that goes beyond just dietary changes.

(14) “The Grape Cure” by Johanna Brandt

The Grape Cure book cover

This book is considered a favorite among raw vegans – for its simplicity in its approach – but its powerful healing protocol for all things considered “disease” in the body – specifically the C word.

The book is also endorsed by the (Arnold) Ehret Society.

The Grape Cure is a naturopathic dietary regimen that centers around the consumption of grapes as the primary food source.

This protocol is believed to have detoxifying and healing properties.

  1. Grape Consumption: The protocol’s core involves eating large quantities of grapes, primarily dark-colored varieties like black or red. Grapes are consumed in their whole form, including the skin, seeds, and pulp.
  2. Fasting Period: During the Grape Cure, individuals often undergo a period of fasting, consuming only grapes and water. This fasting period can vary in duration but typically lasts for several days to a few weeks.
  3. Grape Juice: Besides eating whole grapes, grape juice can also be an essential part of the protocol. Freshly squeezed grape juice can be consumed multiple times a day.
  4. Hydration: Adequate hydration is essential, and water is typically recommended alongside grape consumption to prevent dehydration.
  5. Supplements: Some variations of the Grape Cure may include supplements such as vitamin C or mineral supplements to ensure that essential nutrients are not lacking during the fast.
  6. Detoxification and Healing: Advocates of the Grape Cure believe that it helps detoxify the body and promote healing by cleansing the digestive system, improving digestion, and boosting the immune system.
  7. Duration: The Grape Cure can vary in duration, depending on the individual’s health goals and condition. It may be followed for a few days to several weeks.
  8. Caution: While some people believe in the health benefits of the Grape Cure, it is essential to approach this protocol with caution. It may not be suitable for everyone, and individuals with certain medical conditions or nutritional needs should consult a healthcare professional before attempting it.
  9. Consultation: Before embarking on the Grape Cure or any similar dietary regimen, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare provider or naturopath to ensure it aligns with one’s health goals and needs.

As with any alternative health practice, individual experiences and outcomes may vary, and scientific evidence supporting its efficacy is limited.

(15) “Are You Confused” by Dr. Paavo Airola

“Are You Confused?” by Paavo Airola challenged conventional dietary wisdom when it came out in 1971, encouraging readers to question mainstream nutrition recommendations and adopt a more holistic and personalized approach to health.

Its impact stemmed from empowering individuals to take control of their well-being, promoting critical thinking, and shifting away from one-size-fits-all dietary dogma.

The book provides guidance on improving mental and physical health through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

It also covers how much (or how little) protein we really need, his views on water fasting, and how to achieve more energy naturally.

It emphasizes the importance of a natural and balanced diet, exercise, and stress management for overall health and vitality.

Airola does not specifically advocate for a raw vegan diet, but he does share some common principles related to healthy eating and nutrition.

  1. Emphasis on Natural Foods: Airola’s book and the raw vegan diet emphasize the importance of consuming natural, unprocessed foods. Airola encourages whole, unrefined foods in their natural state, and raw vegans prioritize plant-based foods in their uncooked form.
  2. Plant-Based Focus: The raw vegan diet is entirely plant-based, and Airola also promotes a diet that includes a significant portion of plant-based foods. His book discusses the benefits of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.
  3. Nutrient Density: Both the book and the raw vegan diet focus on nutrient-dense foods. Raw vegans often choose foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and Airola’s book encourages nutrient-dense foods for better health.
  4. Avoidance of Processed Foods: Airola’s book advises against processed and refined foods, which aligns with the raw vegan diet’s avoidance of cooked and processed items.
  5. Stress Reduction: Airola discusses stress management as a crucial aspect of overall health, and this aligns with the holistic approach of the raw vegan diet, which emphasizes not just diet but also lifestyle factors for well-being.

Paavo Airola helps readers question the mainstream dietary narrative and seek their own truth in several ways:

  1. Critical Thinking: The book encourages readers to think critically about the information they receive regarding diet and nutrition. It challenges conventional wisdom and encourages individuals to question whether mainstream dietary recommendations are based on solid scientific evidence or influenced by other factors.
  2. Alternative Perspectives: Airola presents alternative perspectives on nutrition and health, offering insights that may differ from what is commonly accepted. By exploring these alternative viewpoints, readers can expand their understanding of dietary options and make more informed choices.
  3. Personalized Approach: The book promotes the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition. It encourages readers to consider their individual health needs, preferences, and goals when making dietary decisions. This emphasis on personalization challenges the idea that there is a universal diet that works for everyone.
  4. Natural and Holistic Approach: Airola’s book advocates for a natural and holistic approach to health, which includes not only diet but also lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress management, and spiritual well-being. This broader perspective encourages readers to consider the interconnectedness of various aspects of health and well-being.
  5. Self-Education: “Are You Confused?” empowers readers to become more educated about nutrition and health. It encourages individuals to research, seek out diverse sources of information, and make informed choices based on their own research and understanding.
  6. Questioning Dietary Dogma: The book challenges dietary dogma and the food industry’s influence on mainstream nutrition recommendations. It encourages readers to question whether certain dietary guidelines are motivated by profit rather than genuine concern for public health.
  7. Open-Mindedness: Through its unconventional ideas and approaches to nutrition, the book promotes open-mindedness. It encourages readers to consider a wide range of dietary philosophies and to be open to experimenting with different approaches to find what works best for them.

In essence, “Are You Confused?” fosters a sense of empowerment and independence in readers when it comes to making dietary choices.

It encourages individuals to question the status quo, explore alternative perspectives, and ultimately take charge of their own health and nutrition by seeking their own truth based on their unique needs and circumstances.

(16) “The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet” by Susan E. Schenck

2009 Edition of The Live Food Factor

Schenck is a licensed acupuncturist (LAc) with a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine (MTOM) degree and a BS in education and MS in applied linguistics from Indiana University.

[The recent edition] contains 66 scientific studies to support the superiority of eating raw. This second edition brings a summary of all the benefits of Natural Hygiene as well. It includes several chapters written mainly by Victoria BidWell, including the true cause of illness, how to detox and an entire chapter on fasting.

Amazon Description

Fun fact! My friend, Joe Alexander, did the original artwork for the 2006 edition (the pineapple).

The Live Food Factor - 2006 Edition with artwork by Joe Alexander
2006 Edition of The Live Food Factor

Schenck stirred up a little controversy due to some experiments with raw animal products in her recent years, but it doesn’t take away from the extensively researched, incredibly thorough information in the book.

The book promotes the raw vegan diet, natural hygiene, sleep, the seven stages of disease, detox, raw vegan recipes, fasting, resources and restaurants in the back of the book, and citations for all the scientific studies.

It includes testimonials from raw food pioneers and authors.

Tonya Zavasta, author of Quantum Eating (a book recommended above), says The Live Food Factor is “impeccably researched. Susan’s fact-finding is nothing short of encyclopedic. Her book is a primer for raw food neophytes.”

(17) “Q & A: The Raw Food Diet and Other Healthy Habits” by Don Bennett, DAS

Don Bennett is a “disease avoidance specialist” (DAS) and a long-term raw vegan. He covers ten years of questions from health seekers in this book. He also calls himself a “health creation educator,” which would be true!

During his decades-long adventures as a raw vegan, he’s extensively researched all things plant-based. He’s taken a big interest in Iodine within the living, plant-based community and offers consultations to help clients reach optimal levels in a healthy way.

The Raw Food Diet Q and A by Don Bennett book cover

His books are not sold on Amazon, so I encourage you to visit his website here. There you will find all of his books for purchase, along with many free resources and educational articles.

His book is based on natural hygiene principles which he describes as follows:

The science and art of restoring and preserving health by those substances and influences that have a normal relation to life: food we’re designed to eat, sufficient nutrition, pure water, strong enough sunshine, rest, sleep, relaxation, appropriate amounts of physical activity, play, comfortable environment, and positive social relationships; it is the scientific application of the principles of Nature in the preservation and restoration of health.

Natural Hygiene covers the total needs of humans, and not merely a few of their requirements. It is neither a practice of medicine, a healing art, nor a system of therapeutics. It offers no cures, does not pretend to cure, and in fact strives to dispel the popular notion of cures.

Instead, Natural Hygiene emphasizes that adherence to its principles, which are based on the Laws of Nature, permits the body to heal itself.

Don Bennett

One of his other books includes, “How to Have the BEST Odds of Avoiding Degenerative Disease,” which I also highly recommend. This book covers the common misconceptions about disease and health and explains in easy-to-understand terms why degenerative disease is NOT inevitable and how it can be avoided.

(18) “The World Peace Diet” by Dr. Will Tuttle

World Peace Diet Book Cover

This book is not about the raw vegan diet – it’s about PEACE, and it’s about helping us question our beliefs. It’s about healing our emotional and physical well-being while ALSO changing the world in a positive way.

I love this book so much that I dedicated a separate article to its author, Dr. Tuttle.

The World Peace Diet” is inspiring, of course – but it has the added benefit of encouraging us to re-think the choices we make about our diets. He lovingly illustrates the consequences of our food choices that go much further than the food we’re eating.

Quote by Dr. Will Tuttle about Veganism

(19) “Return to the Brain of Eden” Restoring the Connection between Neurochemistry and Consciousness by Tony Wright and Graham Gynn

Return to the Brain of Eden by Tony Wright book cover

If you’re a raw foodie, you’ve likely heard about this book already. It explains how humanity’s prehistoric diet change led to a neurodegenerative condition that includes a fearful perception of the world.

He explores the hypothesis that a shift in brain function, specifically the dominance of the left hemisphere, may be linked to the development of human consciousness.

Tony and his co-author argue that this shift in brain dominance might have contributed to a departure from an original, more harmonious state, leading to the current challenges and difficulties faced by modern humans.

Over a period of a million years the human brain expanded at an increasingly rapid rate, and then, 200,000 years ago, the expansion abruptly stopped. Modern science has overlooked this in order to maintain that we are at the pinnacle of our evolution. However, the halt in brain expansion explains not only recently uncovered anomalies within the human brain but also the global traditions of an earthly paradise lost and of humanity’s degeneration from our original state of perpetual wonder and joy.

Drawing on more than 20 years of research, authors Tony Wright and Graham Gynn explore how our modern brains are performing far below their potential and how we can unlock our higher abilities and return to the euphoria of Eden. They explain how for millions of years early forest-dwelling humans were primarily consuming the hormone-rich sex organs of plants–fruit–each containing a highly complex biochemical cocktail evolved to influence DNA transcription, rapid brain development, and elevated neural and pineal gland activity. Citing recent neurological and psychological studies, the authors explain how the loss of our symbiotic fruit-based diet led to a progressive neurodegenerative condition characterized by aggressive behaviors, a fearful perception of the world, and the suppression of higher artistic, mathematical, and spiritual abilities.

The authors show how many shamanic and spiritual traditions were developed to counteract our decline. They outline a strategy of raw foods, tantric sexuality, shamanic practices, and entheogen use to reverse our degeneration, restore our connection with the plant world, and regain the bliss and peace of the brain of Eden.

Amazon Description

His IQ is so high, it sometimes takes focus to get through the densest parts of his writing, but it’s worth it. He’s a true visionary.

I’ve been in touch with Tony a few times about his upcoming work and it’s truly exciting! It’s top secret at the moment, but it’s going to be good!

(20) “Raw Food Formula for Health” by Paul Nison

Paul’s been in this movement a long time. In this book, he shares his personal journey to vibrant health and his passionate belief in the healing powers of the human body.

Focusing on life-enhancing raw foods, Paul presents sensible information about nutrition’s role in preventing disease along with how to determine the root causes of illness. Using a simple four-stop program, you’ll be able to: eliminate the cause of your health problems; cleanse and heal from past damage done to your body; creates a diet and lifestyle based on your own personal body chemistry; access emotional and spiritual feelings to support your path.

Diets for cleansing, transition, and maintenance along with a three week meal plan with easy, delicious recipes will make it easy for you to put this health formula into pratice. You’ll soon experience increased vitality and health, and realize that optimal wellness is within your reach.


(21) “5-Star Salad Revolution” Unlocking the Science of Salads to Eliminate Cravings, Bingeing, and Self-Sabotage by Matt Bennett

5-Star Salad Revolution Book Cover

What makes leafy greens such a powerful superfood in the human diet? He discusses easy ways to include more greens in your diet – and enjoy it!

Bennett covers the truth about oxalates, goitrogens, and other hotly debated topics.

He answers the common debate on organic vs. conventional produce.

And lastly, he gives an easy-to-follow formula for building the most satisfying salad you’ve ever tasted! Salads that are delicious AND help support your healing journey.

And full disclosure, I’m the Editor of this book! But I would still choose it for this list. It genuinely reignited my desire to eat salads again! I now make them as an experience – not just a task.

Here are a few more raw vegan books I recommend in my latest YouTube video. Book descriptions, reviews, and links coming soon.

Stay tuned for a LOT more books in 2024! 💚

I’m in the middle of moving to another state, so I’m packing up my books. As soon as I arrive in my new home, I’m focusing on YOU. Videos, content, answering all your questions, and building up this community.

Stay peaceful. Stay kind. BE LOVE. xo

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