About Shari

I was born and raised and reside in sunny San Diego, California.

I currently reside next door to my 83-year-old mom and my mom’s world-famous cat, Misty, who is widely featured on my YouTube channel.

I was initiated into Transcendental Meditation at age 4. My many interests include mindfulness, communication, health, and well-being.

I answer as many messages as possible every second of the day to help others believe in themselves.

I helped a friend coach and support the sweet members of Thrive and Shine, a private community of mostly plant-based wellness seekers.

I studied nutrition, coached many friends toward the plant-based lifestyle, and have been vegan for over 12 years – and haven’t eaten an animal in over 30 years!

I came to this lifestyle after many medical errors (nine surgeries) and health challenges (I was the sole survivor of a car accident), lost 45 lbs., and healed spiritually and physically from the past damages.

After overcoming many common struggles, I love to “pay it forward” and help others do the same. I am especially supportive of keeping you accountable for the goals you set.

In my spare time, I like to discover new tropical fruits, hand-pick and sell dried lavender at local farmer’s markets, volunteer on fruit and animal farms, make entertaining videos featuring mostly funny animals, and challenge myself to learn Spanish.

I also have a Fruit YouTube channel—it has everything you ever wanted to know about the raw and vegan lifestyle!

I completed a certificate program in TV Production, followed by a Liberal Arts degree at City College, followed by a degree in Communication at CSU San Marcos.

If you have any special requests, contact me or my team!

What people say about us


Diane quote

“Shari you are an Angel on my life! I feel you and I’m grateful for you! I love you!!!!

I know I’m on the right path because I have you in my life! 

I really appreciate This peace you just shared with me.” 


Carl quote

“Wowwwww you truly are the definition of an actual angel!!

I appreciate your answers more than you know!! Thank youuuu!!!

I think I’m close to being as kind as you with my words and actions too! But you are such a special person!! Honestly!!!! My heart soars with the knowledge that human kindness exists.”


Christina quote

“Shari, thank you so much for your support.

You’re such a kind-hearted person, and I love your sense of humor.

And I’m so glad to have met you through the group community.”

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