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Exclusive blog about 83-year old children’s book author, Arlene Maguire! Born in New Jersey and now enjoying sunny California, this Scrabble-loving grandma has published 8 children’s books tailored to teaching kids to love themselves, improve their vocabulary, and learn in an entertaining way.

I started these interviews to delve DEEP into the realm of plant-based living. But that's not how it's evolving.

I know too many interesting people, and I can't limit what I share with you to only the vegan diet realm. If it's going to make you think in a new way, then it's worth an interview, regardless of what they eat.

A lot of interviews we watch online can be tedious. Many of them ask a lot of the same questions. Why did they start their healing journey, what do they eat daily, and what books inspire them?

All of those questions are great, and I ask them, too. But I decided not to limit the interviews to plant-exclusive eaters. And I decided these interviews need to change the lives of those who are reading them.

I want this to be a special series for those kind enough to support this mission - and for those of you who are constantly striving to grow beyond what's comfortable.

Number ONE

I start with a video interview so it’s conversational, then convert it to the written word.

That makes it easier to search for specific topics. It makes their words more powerful. And it gives you a glimpse into their world without all the polish.

Almost like an affirmation card, but it’s a person’s life!

Number TWO

This series differs from anything else you’ve seen because I ask uncomfortable questions. 😬

I ask the questions we want to know but can never ask. Of course, all the guests can politely decline any question, but hint, none of them do.

This is raw.

We never know which "nugget" will resonate and put you on a new path in life - or a new way of thinking.

Anybody who decides to pursue their highest potential and reach extraordinary places, I want to know their story.

Number THREE

At this stage, I'll only be interviewing FRIENDS - people I know personally. That way, they can't gloss over answers, and they have to be brutally honest. Because if they're not, I'll know it. 😇

This series will serve as a platform to get to know our fellow humans at a deeper level. And I promise it won't be what you normally expect.

You'll hear inspiring stories, insightful conversations, and expert perspectives on communication, healing, and mindset tips that will actually make a positive impact in your life.

Each engaging interview features people from different backgrounds, including competitive bodybuilders, food addiction experts, chefs, nutritionists, environmental activists, singers, and even long-term fruitarians!

Some of their childhoods might surprise you. Likewise, some of their past traumas and insecurities will be revealed.

Overcoming Challenges

We learn some of the BEST tips I’ve ever heard on how they overcame their past challenges and ended up THRIVING today.

What mental tools worked? And how they finally made that “shift” to choosing healthy foods, a healthy life, and a healthy mind.

You're also going to learn what worked for them in overcoming their most difficult challenges not related to food. You're likely to hear something that will change your life on things you've struggled to overcome in the past.

My intention for this Interview Series will be to surprise and inspire you.

It’ll be an enriching and informative resource for individuals already committed to a better way of living - but who need optimism, role models, or high-octane input to keep themselves growing spiritually and pushing themselves beyond previous limitations.

I can tell you this - you'll walk away with a new way of thinking in some aspect of your life.

Special Requests

If you’d like to be featured in a future interview or have a recommendation for someone you’d like me to interview, I can’t guarantee you’ll be featured, but please contact me here, and we’ll consider every submission. 🙏🏻

Thank you for being here! And PLEASE share far and wide - whichever interview you think will help a friend in need.

Upcoming Guests

Dr Will Tuttle

Author of "The World Peace Diet".


Raw Plant Based Private Chef/Consultant.


Loren Lockman

Founder of the Tanglewood Wellness Center.

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