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Organic, handmade, sustainable skincare products that leave you feeling supple.

Nicole Klinicke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Inclusive Skincare.

Check out her Inclusive Resource List (free PDF download.)

For those in Southern California, hands-on massage therapy is also available.

CATEGORY:  Book Recommendations

Catjectives by Arlene Maguire

Catjectives has been written with both children and adults in mind. For children, it will improve their vocabulary while entertaining them.

The artwork is creative and whimsical.

For adults, it is an ideal coffee table book.

This is the sort of book you will read and re-read because, if you love cats or you don’t, you will never stop being amused.

Makes a great gift for the cat lover in your life!!! 🎁

Catjectives book cover by Arlene Maguire

The Raw Vegan Beauty Book by Jeannette Donofrio

ARE YOU READY to give up the toxic chemicals that are poisoning you from the outside in?!?

Everyone deserves to feel AND look their best and The Raw Vegan Beauty Book will transform the way you take care of yourself – inside and out!5-Star Salad Revolution unlocks the science of salads to eliminate cravings, bingeing, and dietary self-sabotage!

This gorgeous new guide includes 25 Easy and Delicious Low-Fat Raw Vegan Recipes That Will Have You Feeling Great on the Inside and Looking AMAZING on the Outside!

Raw Vegan Excuses by Jeannette Donofrio

This book is not just a manual on how to live a raw vegan lifestyle. This is a guide on how to get control of your mind – so you can get control of your body, health, focus, attention, energy, and LIFE!

Your daily habits are the driving force behind your evolution. This book will help you lose the excuses and get the results you so richly deserve!

But remember, you only deserve what you work for so… LET’S GET TO WORK!

The Master Manifestor Journal by Jeannette Donofrio

Did you know that what you decide to do, think, and feel in the first 20 minutes of your day will determine your productivity and choices until you go to bed?

Our life is made up of days that turn into weeks, weeks that turn into months, and months that turn into years.

What you do daily directly determines how your life turns out! Investing only a few minutes each morning in this journal will change everything for you!

Don’t believe it’s that simple? Fill out one page a day for 90 days straight and see for yourself what happens!

Daily Gratitude Journal: 90 Days Of Practice by Jeannette Donofrio

Did you know that how happy you are is determined by how grateful you are!

Using this journal can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, shift your focus away from negative thoughts and emotions promoting a much more positive mindset.

It can help regulate emotions, and build resilience against stress; strengthen your relationships by fostering feelings of connection, empathy, and trust.

It can promote physical health because grateful individuals engage in healthier habits such as regular exercise, better sleep, eating more fruit, and smiling uncontrollably!

5-Star Salad Revolution by Matt Bennett

5-Star Salad Revolution unlocks the science of salads to eliminate cravings, bingeing, and dietary self-sabotage!

You’ll learn everything you need to know (and more) to start creating salads you love and look forward to!

This book is a comprehensive education about the fantastic benefits of leafy greens, including 22 delicious raw vegan, oil-free salad dressings that will turn any salad into a meal!

This could be the paradigm-shifting book you need to take your diet and health to the next level and create a sustainable whole food, plant-based lifestyle!

CATEGORY:  Pet Wellness and Holistic Pet Healing

Helping Dogs & Cats Heal Whole-istically – All With Real, Energetic, Living Food. Easy, Homemade Meals.

Help To Heal YOU Too!


Ask for Julz. Free, initial consultation.

Joe and Julz Pets

CATEGORY: Drinking Water

Use Promo Code “SHARILIKESFRUIT” for a 5% Discount!

I personally use the Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller. Available on backorder only. About six weeks. Made in the USA.

I distill my water because the air is polluted, and I don’t trust streams or well water. Once it’s steam distilled, you can add back minerals with lemon or cucumbers, or better yet, eat a wide variety of hydrating fruit and vegetables every day.

“We are purists. We believe that when we want to drink water, we just want water. If you have a filter or reverse osmosis, they are a good first step, but in the end, you should only be drinking the cleanest water, which is distilled water,” said Paul Meder, Vice President of Technical Services, Research and Development.

Remember to use Promo Code “ShariLikesFruit” for a 5% discount!

CATEGORY:  Coaching and Community

Thrive and Shine

Now Closed to New Members! Please contact us for plant-based community recommendations.

Thrive and Shine is a gathering place where all stages of health and diet styles are embraced. We are a judgment-free zone of unconditionally supportive, like-minded friends.

Thrive and Shine is a safe space where you can come as you are and feel welcomed and valued. No matter where you are in your wellness journey, we welcome you as we hold space for you to grow.

In this community built on kindness and compassion, we receive with open arms all who want to heal, grow, detox, thrive, be held accountable, ask questions, and be supported by a group of like-minded humans.

This is not an exclusively vegan or raw vegan group. We value everyone’s stage in their own journey and believe we can all learn and grow together.

To keep this community intimate – and for you to feel heard and nurtured – I am limiting the number of spots until further notice. 

As we begin our journey together, I want to ensure you feel 100% supported but not overwhelmed!

Eva The Raw Food Coach

Live Lean Health

Chantal offers Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching, focused on creating a positive internal and external impact on health, self-esteem, the planet, and animals, using whole food, mostly raw,  diet.

She also focuses on empowering people to have a good relationship with their bodies and food, moving away from disordered eating patterns.

Chantal also incorporates ancestral healing and purpose-finding to empower women to be the best version of themselves and embrace their power.

Chantal Di Donato

CATEGORY:  Content Creation

Internet Video Magazine

Do you love watching and making fitness, nutrition, or health-related web videos? For your business, for your organization, or just for fun. Check out Internet Video Magazine.

In addition to featuring some of the best websites and channels to watch great online videos, the magazine features lots of how-to-do-it tips – from the basics of how to use your smartphone to shoot videos to more detailed sections about how to capture high-quality audio and how to edit your videos into brain catching productions.

Send us links to your best and most fun videos, and we may spotlight them on the site.

CATEGORY:  Online Fitness Trainers

5x Ms.Fitness Olympia and 10x Arnold Classic Champion, Oksana Grishina, offers virtual, customized training, choreography, fitness, and nutrition training – consultation/posing instructions.

Oksana Grishina Interview

Check out my full interview with Oksana Grishina – everything you wanted to know about this internationally renowned athlete!

CATEGORY:  Plant-Based Festivals and Retreats

The Woodstock Fruit Festival

A Celebration of Health, Fruit-based Diet and Personal Growth.

The World’s Largest, All-Inclusive, Raw Vegan Health Retreat.

Sign up for their newsletter to be notified when the dates are announced for the next festival. For volunteer opportunities. For attendee tickets and early bird pricing.

The UK Fruit Festival

Held since 2014, the UK Fruitfest entered its 10th festival in the summer of 2023.

We provide a place for our attendees from around the world to come together and celebrate the raw vegan diet and lifestyle in an atmosphere of warm fellowship and community.

UK Fruitfest is a place of education and support for those looking to learn more about the raw vegan lifestyle and how it may improve their health and life overall.

It is a place of personal growth not only when it comes to physical health but also provides a space for the exploration of other aspects of developing a more holistic lifestyle.

We offer accommodation for an entire week and a 100% raw vegan menu daily. Classes, lectures, workshops, activities, and entertainment fill our schedule.

Eco Dharma Village

Eco Dharma offers a sanctuary where we can all step away from our daily routines and reconnect with our inner selves.

It’s a place of healing where we can confront and process old feelings, new emotions, traumas, and make important decisions.

No matter where you are on your journey, Eco Dharma welcomes you with open arms and promises to be a meaningful pit stop on your path.

Raw Food Meetup

Uniting Raw Foodists, Raw Vegans, and Fruitarians from all over the world!

CATEGORY:  Charitable Organizations

Ramona Valley Humane Society

The Ramona Valley Humane Society & SPCA will be a no-kill shelter for Ramona and surrounding areas, a haven for lost and abandoned animals. We also plan to partner with local schools to teach children the importance of caring for animals. We are seeking grant money and welcome all donations as well. 

Our mission statement is: “To assist and rescue domestic and farm animals and to provide low-cost or free spay and neutering and other necessary veterinary assistance, emergency aid, and relevant advice to help these people better afford to help or keep their animals. Our goal is to work towards a day when we no longer need to euthanize companions or any animals.”

CATEGORY:  Food Addiction Recovery

Based on her years of experience in overcoming food addiction and studying all the modalities for healing, Jeannette was inspired to create a six-week course (The Food Addiction Freedom Course) to help other women interested in the plant-based diet do the same.

Although all aspects of the vegan diet and exercise are covered in depth, the course emphasizes helping women change their mindset.

“We are diving deep into the core reasons exactly why we are self-sabotaging, and then we will ELIMINATE those reasons.

Prepare to do some very uncomfortable things like working out with me, tapping on your face, sharing and getting vulnerable with me and nine other amazing women, and receiving the support we ALL need to make significant changes and take massive action in our lives to get the health, body, and life we REALLY want and deserve!

YOU GOT THIS! But you don’t have to do it alone!”

This unique approach has created a high demand for her course, but she limits each session to 10 women to provide her undivided attention and dedication.

Email the words “I Am Ready” to [email protected] to apply – mention you heard about the course from Shari Likes Fruit!

Check out my full interview with Jeannette aka Ms.FitVegan – Mindset and Food Addiction Expert. This interview will surprise you!

CATEGORY:  Podcasts I Recommend

The Ms.FitVegan Podcast

Hosted by: Jeannette Donofrio

The only way to get something accomplished is to start BEFORE you’re ready!

Check out my full interview with Jeannette aka Ms.FitVegan – Mindset and Food Addiction Expert. This interview will surprise you!

The Gillian Berry Podcast

Hosted by: Gillian Berry

Health, wellness, and spirituality. She interviews interesting people.

The Green Life Podcast

Hosted by: Chantal Di Donato

The Green Life podcast is focused on Holistic and Integrative Health, Plant-based nutrition, sustainable natural living, community building and strengthening the human connection with a mindful approach that respects nature!

CATEGORY:  Appliances

Nama J2 Juicer

A time-saving solution for the next generation of juicing.

PROMO CODE: “GBJ2” for the Nama J2 juicer

Nama C2 Juicer and Blender in One!

Make a cold-pressed juice and smoothie, all in one machine

PROMO CODE: “GBNAMA” for the Nama C2 Juicer and Blender in One!

Questions About Which One to Buy:

Contact Gillian Berry

CATEGORY:  Supplements

Daily Green Boost

Barley grass juice powder for a daily green boost!

PROMO CODE: “MsFitVegan” for the Daily Green Boost

The recommendations on this page are simply to serve my site visitors with products and recommendations I care about. They are affiliated with friends I trust with products I already use myself.

If you have a charity, product, or book you want to recommend, you can submit it here, and we’d be happy to look it over. If you can provide value to my viewers and a discount code, I’m all ears.

I want this to be as useful as possible so everyone can check back often and always find a new and excellent resource or discount on their favorite things.


The only product I’m affiliated with is the water distiller because I use it myself – and it gets my followers a 5% discount on their purchases. 100% of any commission goes back into this website.

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