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Raw Vegan and Plant-Based Tips. 🌱

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What Does Shari Do?

Born, raised, and still soaking up the San Diego sun, I count myself lucky to share a fence with my incredible 83-year-old mom and her world-famous cat Misty, who you can find stealing the show on her own YouTube Channel.

My journey so far is a mix of wellness advocacy, coaching, and spreading good vibes. Certified as an ISSA Health Coach with a degree in Communication and years of nutrition studies under my belt, I’m here to share insights, answer your questions, and support your wellness goals.

Life tossed a few curveballs my way – nine surgeries, a car accident, and the sole survivor tale. But guess what? I bounced back, shed 45 lbs., and found spiritual and physical healing through the (high) raw vegan lifestyle.

Been through it, done that, and now I’m paying it forward. Let’s navigate your wellness journey together, conquer the usual roadblocks, and maybe share a virtual tropical fruit discovery or two.

When not answering your messages, you’ll find me volunteering on farms, creating entertaining videos (mostly featuring funny animals), writing new blogs and books, and challenging myself to master Spanish.

Phew! That’s a quick peek into my world, but hey, the more we chat, the more you’ll unravel…

For now, cheers to a life filled with laughter, wellness, and the sweetness of fruit to make it all worth it!

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How Can I Make Your Life Better?

For Animal Lovers

Welcome to the Fluff Side! This is where our furry pals take the spotlight, and the spotlight, of course, is where they belong.

Whether you’re a proud pet parent or just appreciate the joy our animal buddies bring, you’re in for a treat!

In our soon-to-be-launched (free) Facebook Pet Bereavement community, we’re crafting a cozy nook for those who’ve shared their hearts with a four-legged friend.

It’s more than a community; it’s a virtual hug where we swap stories, share photos, and immortalize our pets’ legendary status.

And cat lovers, get those whiskers twitching because blogs are coming your way, dedicated to our favorite feline overlords.

Pregnant Pandemic Rescue Cat

You can also hop over to my Youtube Channel, where tails wag, feathers fly, and every video is a paw-some adventure!

Ditch the negativity-filled scroll! This space is your escape from the gloom of news feeds.

For Plant-Based and Health Enthusiasts

The plant-based and raw vegan lifestyle literally saved my life, and I believe it can change yours for the better!

There is power in our stomach and with so many healing stories about headaches, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, IBS, constipation, asthma, hormonal issues, and so much more.

Check out the Blog where I provide resources on the raw vegan and plant-based diet, mental hacks, and how to handle all the annoying questions about where you get your protein!

Raw Vegan cheat sheet

Oh, and for an extra dose of me, check out @ShariCravesFruit on YouTube for all things plant-based, funny, and vibrant about this lifestyle!

We need a space where we can come together, support one another, and amplify the strength of our collective experiences.

This is not an exclusively vegan or raw vegan group. We value everyone’s stage in their own journey!

What do I do besides liking fruit?

I am an ISSA-Certified Health Coach. I work with wellness and plant-based content creators who are raising the level of universal consciousness.

I enjoy being behind the scenes when making animal videos. They’re the stars.

I like fruit. I’m a (high) raw vegan, but I love and accept everyone without judgment, regardless of what they eat.

I have a blog on topics related to questions I get on the plant-based, living foods lifestyle.

I make colorful fruit clothing cuz it reminds us to feel grateful for all the gorgeous, fruity abundance in the world.

When we’re wearing bright, colorful clothing, we smile looking in the mirror – we smile when we greet new people – we smile with loved ones – we smile throughout the day.

Take that nourishing deep breath to release the tension that can build up without us noticing.

These shirts and hoodies work for anyone who wants to tap into their inner joy!

And they help to support my channel while spreading a message of kindness and color to everyone’s life.

Shari Likes Fruit

Happy Colorful Clothing – Stay Sweet

I love feeling hydrated throughout the day!

Water means everything to me (it’s the foundation of life after all) and since I get so many questions about my Pure Water Countertop Distiller, you can now grab it with a 5% discount!

Water is everything.

Use SHARILIKESFRUIT for a 5% Discount

People love us!


Diane quote

“Shari you are an Angel on my life! I feel you and I’m grateful for you! I love you!!!!

I know I’m on the right path because I have you in my life! 

I really appreciate This peace you just shared with me.” 


Carl quote

“Wowwwww you truly are the definition of an actual angel!!

I appreciate your answers more than you know!! Thank youuuu!!!

I think I’m close to being as kind as you with my words and actions too! But you are such a special person!! Honestly!!!! My heart soars with the knowledge that human kindness exists.”


Christina quote

“Shari, thank you so much for your support.

You’re such a kind-hearted person, and I love your sense of humor.

And I’m so glad to have met you through the group community.”

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