Sprouted Raw Vegan Hummus Recipe


by Shari


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Excite Your Taste Buds with this Low-fat, Plant-Based Hummus Recipe!

Raw Vegan Sprouted Hummus is healthier, lower fat, and TASTIER than traditional hummus.

None of the food has been heat-processed, so all the enzymes are intact!

Heal your beautiful body with delicious plant-based recipes!

Raw Vegan Sprouted Bean Mix

I do not recommend adding olive oil.

The raw tahini adds healthy fat to the recipe!

Plant-Based Ingredients

Garlic Bulbs

** Sprouted lentils or sprouted beans (such as Garbanzo Beans)* – as many as you want for as much hummus as you want – start with 2 cups!

** Lemon – squeeze a half a lemon in there

** Cumin – sprinkle to taste

** Raw Tahini – 2 Tablespoons or more!

** Himalayan Pink or Celtic Salt (optional)

** Garlic – a clove or more if you like it!

** Jalapenos or Cayenne (if you like spicy)

If you are on a weight loss journey, you can add less of the raw tahini and use half of a peeled zucchini for a “filler.”

I didn’t list the measurements because you can play with each ingredient to taste.

You can sprinkle some Smoked Paprika on the final product if you wanna be fancy!

Dip cucumber “chips” or kale chips or your favorite veggie!

And you can also use it as a salad topper!


Have fun with this lifestyle. Remember why you’re doing it.

Test how foods digest when you eat them – and how you feel afterward.

Eating should be a healthy experience for the mind and body. Living foods help.

*If you need help with sprouting your beans or lentils, download our free Sprouting Guide on our Free Resources page – and check out our Sprouting 101 blog.

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