Quick and Easy Savory Raw Vegan Recipes


by Shari


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Three simple, amazing, delicious, and fun raw vegan recipes with 30-second recipe video tutorials!

You only need 5-10 EASY raw vegan recipes at the beginning of your journey to make it easy to follow. I love savory – especially because the fruit part is easy. Here are three savory raw vegan recipes you’ll LOVE! No blender is needed.

Tri-Fold Lettuce Wrap


Sprouted Hummus (I use the Majestic brand or you can make your own raw hummus)


Kalamata Olives

Red Onion

Iceberg Lettuce


Black Pepper

Simple Salad with No-Blender Dressing

Chopped Organic Romaine

Chopped Purple Cabbage

Use Your Favorite Sprouted Pea or Lentil Blend (from the store or better yet, make your own sprouts at home)

NOTE: Download your free Sprouting 101 Guide here.


Pure Spring or Distilled Water – start with 4 ounces and add more as needed

Raw Tahini – 1-2 T.

Touch of California Balsamic Vinegar – optional

Organic Stone-Ground Mustard (salt-free if available)

Sea Moss Gel – for added minerals and thickening – no flavor, always optional

Dill and Garlic Sauerkraut – again, these are optional flavor choices, plus some believe that fermented foods are healthy for the gut microbiome – as always, these types of things are controversial in the raw vegan community – you should do what you like!

Add your favorite seasonings and dried herbs and mix! No blender is needed!

Delectable and easy!

Raw Vegan Savory Mash-Up!



Red Cabbage





Shredded Carrots

Sprouted Pea Mix


Chipotle Flakes

Dried Chives

I enjoy it most with my easy-stir Tahini-Mustard Dressing.

I also added a touch of California Balsamic Vinegar – cuz it’s fat-free, salt-free, and delicious! Not everybody uses Vinegar – it’s totally optional.

If anyone plugs this into Cronometer, please post the results in the comments!

And as always, I wanted to get your creative juices flowing when you want to be high or fully raw vegan, but get bored eating the same thing everyday.

These three simple recipes will hopefully provide some inspiration! ENJOY!

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