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My Interview with Poet Evan Forsell

Sometimes we don’t know how we connect with the people we do, but I always believe there are no accidents.

And this always leads to new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.

I did a somewhat spontaneous interview with my friend, Evan Forsell.

He’s an author, a poet, and a world traveler.

Since he and I were going to be chatting, anyway, we decided to record it – and I’d be able to share some of his unique experiences with others.

He discusses the dark times, the revelations, and his experiences using Ayahuasca.

Our chat is on YouTube – and as an author, he’s an open book. 😉 Enjoy.

Learning About Life through Chance Encounters with Interesting People

Meet Evan Forsell – a world traveler, author, and lover of life.

Born in Summit, New Jersey, in 1995, he’s the creative mind behind four poetry books – two in English and two translated into Spanish.

Evan arms spread out at beach

Living a plant-based lifestyle, Evan enjoys fruits and vegetables for his foundation, along with indulging in exotic foods in new countries.

You’ll often find him outdoors, exploring nature or venturing to unfamiliar places, immersing himself in diverse landscapes and cultures.

An explorer at heart, he’s not only well-versed in languages as a Spanish and English teacher but also experienced in mentoring as a former summer camp counselor.

With a curious mind and a love for philosophy, he contemplates life’s deeper questions.

Evan’s passions extend to his feline friends, reflecting his affectionate and down-to-earth nature. 

As a friend and companion, he embraces the beauty and simplicity of life – and cherishes the connections he forms along the way.

Find Solace in Evan’s Books During Your Darkest Moments

The two books referenced in the interview are found here – with both books in English and Spanish.

His first book,The Wails and Whispers of a Rebirthing Earthling,” he describes as “a poetic journey through the heart of fear and vulnerability into love and the unknown.”

Nature and Consciousness book cover

And his second book, “On Nature and Consciousness,” is a new “…poetic journey and reflection on a man’s relationship with Nature and the Nature of Reality.”

It was written during the pandemic “in a time of solitude to unlock deep basic truths about life and what our relationship is with the natural world we see around us.”

I haven’t read the Spanish versions, but I know you’ll find value in the translations. He put his heart and soul into versions that accurately reflect the original depth.

In the interview, you’ll hear him talk about art as a form of therapy and bringing sunlight to the darkness others may be experiencing.

He shares his gifts as a way of offering hope and healing to others.

Interview with Evan Forsell – Transcript


I have my friend Evan here. I met Evan through Instagram. We’ve been friends ever since he wrote a book I’m really curious about. So we’re going to talk to him over the course of the coming months. But today, I just want to talk about your book, Consciousness, Enlightenment. These are all topics I care about. So tell the audience just five minutes about your book and what it’s about, and then I might have a question to follow up.

Evan Forsell [00:00:28]:

Okay, well, hey, nice to meet everyone virtually through this video. And by the way, it’s two books, two books in English. And then I translated them both into Spanish, so it’s technically four books. And I may come out with more. Like, I’m thinking I may do a Spanish one with all pictures of flowers and, like, a cute poem that goes through it. And I’m pretty sure I’ll have books in the future too, but I actually have the physical copies right here.

Okay. I don’t know if they’re in English or Spanish because I’m traveling in Peru now, but this is the first one that I published in 2019, really? During an existential crisis in my life where I was just leaving college and I had been through some men’s work groups and healing a lot, like going through traumas I experienced in my life or what I perceived as traumas throughout my childhood and with my family and just in general growing up.

And whatever insecurities I still feel like I was holding on to. And in this container, we started to work through them. And I think that started a process, along with a lot of other things before that, to start bringing things up from deeper in my subconscious to heal and some more difficult emotions and just thoughts and states of mind and being.

And so I pretty much catalog them in this book. And it’s like every time I went through a really intense inner journey or a certain emotion, I would have a poem that kind of crystallized itself to describe exactly what I experienced. And I feel like the poems it’s not just about the letters and the lyrics and have the literary value of what I wrote. It’s like a codification of my experience.

So it’s like an artistic guide or manual of my life experience to share with other people so that they can see if they’re going through something similar or if they’re in certain dark or difficult states of consciousness.

They can relate to the beginning of my book in the certain dark poems, and they can see how I was able to slowly, step by step, transcend them and go through different realizations in order to not stay stuck there or not start self-harming or self-inflicting or whatever people do. I can just show you, like, I used some pictures from NASA in this book.

Sometimes I had to, like, I think NASA let me use it for free, or maybe to pay, like, $20 for them. And then I paid some guy in Chile in an observatory like $50 – 20 or $50 for permission to the this is Loyal rings. So I had to mix different art and some people, like some other friends’ photographs from Costa Rica.

And it’s very personal and about the most vulnerable and honest experiences of my life in my family and my relationship with nature and God, like, who I really am. There are baby pictures in there. And actually, it’s interesting because I was really honest about myself and everything I was going through when I was honest about my family and talking about how I feel like I went through certain things that I need to heal my family, or at least my mother perceived it.

Like, I wrote the book to attack my family, which is not the case at all because there are, like, 40 poems in here, like, 40 pages. Do you have any questions?


Yeah, well, one of them was how your family perceived it, and you started to answer that. And the second one was, did you get over all the trauma and incorporate how you overcame it in the book?

Evan Forsell [00:05:01]:

Well, I think the process overcoming it. I’m not talking about, oh, do these practices or these exercises or this shadow work? But for example, I did include a little bit like I took ayahuasca the first time, and it was honestly really intense and hellish, and I was not fully ready for everything I went through. I almost felt like I was dying.

And so that was a really intense experience that catalyzed a lot of things and showed me a lot of things really fast, that I was just like I just wanted to come back and be a normal human being. And be able to talk to people and look in their eyes and just be in my body and have a normal kind of life. So it made me really appreciate just being here physically and simple things.

I also have in this book my babysitter who helped raise me, and she’s like a second mother I mentioned before you, but she was, like, a more simple person, and she liked to buy knickknacks or little presents or Christmas ornaments or whatever, and she liked to watch Dr. Phil and Oprah, and she just liked simple things. And she’s floating, folding the clothes. She just showed me that to be grateful and appreciate all these simple things in life while we can still tangibly experience them.


So how did that book end, and when did you write the second book?

Evan Forsell [00:06:39]:

Evan Forsell book

Okay, so this is another cool page of NASA. And this book, I pretty much went I’d been investing the money I made from being a summer camp counselor into the stock market, like, somewhat close to the financial crisis. So then, by the time I was graduating college, it had multiplied, and I used that money to go. I think it was actually one year after college I took the money to go to an ayahuasca retreat in Ecuador, in southern Ecuador.

And honestly, because of my first experience, which I didn’t in Norway when I went to a men’s gathering of the group I was in online for six months in my final year of college, I was terrified. I was literally visibly terrified. Like, every night, I could feel my stomach just, like, turning, but I already felt the call to go to it because it was, like, electric.

When I saw the ad for it, I felt like a little electricity go off in my stomach and in my heart, and I knew I had to go. That was the only place I’d ever well, that was the only place I knew from that point that I would do Ayahuasca again with those shamans in that group, in that setting, and I know it would be safe. So when I went there, which I was, like, resisting a lot, I think I was just really afraid. And when I eventually went there, I was still afraid.

I think I was just, like, in shock. I remember before taking my Ayahuasca, I was so afraid that I think I took a selfie, and I was just, like, felt in shock or something. But I knew it would be okay. I could get through anything because I got through the first time. So I just took a much smaller dose the second and third time. And the second time, I could come in and out of the experience more and learn some basic lessons and not just be thrown into the spirit world, just like on a rampaging, crazy infernal roller coaster.

And then the third time is what I illustrated here, where it’s a very simple illustration, but what it says is, I’m God. I am not God. I am God. I’m not God. It’s basically, who am I? Who am I? Fundamentally, the woman guided me to make that my intention. So I made it my intention to reconnect with my soul and know who I truly am. And then this is the depiction of my experience, which is where I had to let go of a certain belief system I had, which was actually in the medical medium. It was directly addressed.

It was, like, in my heart. So I got ripped out, and it was like I heard it’s a belief for children, which is not to down anyone that follows it. And I still drink celery juice sometimes, and I think there’s merit to it, and there’s some truth to it, and it can be helpful. But I needed to, I think, not cling to it so much and make it the anchored raft of my safety because I think I was idolizing that belief system and ideology instead of making it about God or making it about the underlying unconditional love of all of creation.

And so, yeah, I don’t know if I went out. I just went through the levels of consciousness, essentially, where it’s like there are different levels of geometry because we’re just operating on a certain level of geometry in our bodies, and there are certain emotional and mental and whatever psychic dynamics, and then there’s certain, I guess what we call energetic or spiritual, but it’s like levels of geometry.

When I actually was directly observing and experiencing myself as that, they became bigger and more harmonic and more perfect. And I feel like I was like it was kind of like in Star Wars where you go through a wormhole but much more like peaceful, like Fantasia mixed with Star Wars, with less crazy stuff, just like more ballerina, like perfect harmony, dancing. And then I think I just left the universe because the universe, it’s like all tangible vibrations that we can perceive and then define as physical reality or what we know as reality on even a mental level or a vibrational energetic level.
So I just left all that, and then I came back, and I was just in this light body. Like, my body was a light body, and I was, like, holding a torch, and I saw the cross in my heart. And I was thinking about, what is this about my poetry book?

But really my reflection on things, just about me being fully expressed as a human being connected with what’s beyond everything we know of as reality, which would be like all of God or all of know the source, like sacred, the most amazing thing possible. And I partly went to Ecuador because I knew I would have certain experiences like that to finish this book.


The first book.

Evan Forsell [00:12:30]:

Yeah. So it’s like a complete guide from my deepest depression and darkest physical pain, mental-emotional
pain, to a state of temporary enlightenment, essentially, which is induced by ayahuasca, so then you can say, oh, that’s just he took some drugs and he thought he was Jesus or got enlightened. But that’s just genuine.


So, yeah, to have a side note on that, Sam Harris is – you may have heard of him, he’s like a neuroscientist, a meditation teacher. He’s been on a lot of retreats, but his first glimpse of awakening was from doing something I don’t know if it was DMT or one of those, but sometimes to know what is possible, you have to get out of your head.

And that helped start his journey, and that’s what got him into meditation. So he still doesn’t even believe in a God up there. But the awakening can happen where we just kind of back away from the thinking mind and allow all of us, all of what is happening, to be unfolding on our consciousness as a oneness, instead of like, oh, these thoughts are more important than what I just heard or what I just saw. And that’s what people define as awakening sometimes.

Evan Forsell [00:13:59]:

What does he say is God? He doesn’t say there’s God. Yeah, that makes sense because a certain level, you can never speak. You can never use a word to describe something that’s beyond language. Well, I just don’t really get that atheism where it’s like everything, I’m not controlling you. You’re your own being with your own guidance and inspiration. Everyone on this planet that I interact with, every organism, is doing its thing.

And I’ve had experiences not just in ayahuasca but when I had a certain existential crisis and feeling of helplessness and being sick, not really being able to function, that I feel like when I or someone goes through those experiences or like a near-death experience is the most extreme example of this. But when you go through these really helpless states and vulnerable states, you start to become cracked open, and you have to literally realize that you’re just this one aspect of everything.

And once you get to a certain level of vulnerability, then you can actually start to open up the possibility that there’s something that we’re all a part of that’s beyond ourselves at the same time. But when you’re so stuck and just like, I think it’s like the basis of consciousness, really, on our planet, where it’s like you just think you’re the only thing that exists, or like, I think I’m the only thing that exists, and I’m just trying to make sure that I’m safe and I get everything I need. And I am perceived well, and my life goes well, and I make money, and I’m able to be free. And it’s all important because I need to be free to be able to perceive that I’m a part of this amazing reality that goes beyond just my day-to-day life.


With you.

Evan Forsell [00:16:06]:

Yeah, I feel like going through all that in the first book, it really showed me that, and I literally had an experience full-blown undeniably that is the case. And it was just so amazing. It was like, oh my God.


Yeah. So you would say with mentally healthy people that are not bipolar or don’t have other schizophrenic issues, that ayahuasca could be a doorway or an opening to expand their mind and tap into the awakening or the consciousness that you’re talking about. The oneness.

Evan Forsell [00:16:48]:

Yeah. I think you need to really respect it and prepare for it and do the diet and just not have sex before it. Don’t take pharmaceutical drugs at all. But I think people should do it if they feel called to do it. But I don’t think people should just do it on a whim because it sounds cool or they think they’re going to get enlightened or something.

I think it first takes being called or just feeling called to it and then going through a really respectful process of preparing for it and then just humbling yourself and not resisting. If you’re going to do it just to try and surrender as much as possible to the experience, you’re not resisting it. And trying to get away from it and be afraid that something bad is going to happen, to have faith in it.


Yeah, that’s actually good advice for life, too, to stop resisting what is and stop resisting the fact that we’re going to have challenges. So when they come up, people are like, this is terrible, I can’t handle this. But everybody has challenges. So by not resisting and allowing, we get through it a little bit faster, I’ve noticed.

Evan Forsell [00:18:01]:

Yeah. And then you can allow some divine intervention to come in, or just some inspiration, or you can at least calm down and hear some certain guidance, or someone can come to talk to you or, like, maybe your friend or maybe your family. It could be depends on what your family is like, no, it is possible. It really is possible.

Or I’ve had so many random people on the street or in the woods. It’s amazing. Dude, I one time had a random guy in the woods. I won’t say the whole story, but he was really into Jesus, and he was telling me all these amazing mystical experiences he had, and you’d think he’s crazy, and that’s probably why he’s in the woods, and he wasn’t maybe working in a gas station or something. But yeah, I’ve just had random people. A lot of times they’re talking from the point of Jesus, or they’re saying Jesus is a message or something like, um.


But your point is to not resist getting more divine things to happen and come through your life.

Evan Forsell [00:19:11]:

Yeah. I don’t like the authority structure of churches as much in the Christian religion in general, so it’s why I tend to not read the Bible or follow it. But after my experience, I did see a cross, so I feel like there’s truth in Christianity. And I don’t doubt that people can have an incredibly defined connection with Jesus, and that can guide them toward this higher experience of life.

But in my experience, people have spoken on behalf of Jesus or any kind of secondary contact I’ve had, like, that it’s like guidance, really. So I look at Jesus and Christianity in the Bible to a certain extent as like a guiding system because, in my experience, where I actually connected with that energy, I wasn’t saying that Jesus was my savior. I wasn’t kneeling or bowing to Jesus. I just let go of enough that I could detach and then come back as an embodiment of that.

I was able to be transformed enough. So that’s why I meet so many people who follow the past, and they feel really uplifted and enlightened by it. And yeah, I don’t see that one path is like the only path, and every other path is shunned or punished or rejected because it’s not following that one doctrine set out. But I can see how seductive it is to think like that because when you find a path that feels that good, you want to reject everything else in order to focus just on that path and really get into it and really immerse in it. And it’s hard to fathom that anything else could be that good.


I also don’t want to offend everybody on the Internet, so we’re going to switch a little bit to the second book in the interest of time. It’s funny because you’re talking about embracing all things but also focusing, but also you’re not into the church, but also you believe you’re very open-minded. But the funny thing is, depending on what a person’s belief is, if they were watching or listening to this interview, they would find something to be offended by, possibly.

So it’s an interesting thing, the beliefs of when people do stick to one belief system, and it’s hard to accept other things they could be perceived in certain ways. So I am also open-minded spiritually. I do believe in God and meditation and consciousness.

So that’s what I want to lead into your second book because the title always got me. I automatically forgot about your first book again tonight because I wanted to talk.

Evan Forsell [00:22:26]:

About the consciousness book, like Another Lifetime.


Okay, so just tell me how that came about, a shorter version, and what you want to share about that book.

Evan Forsell [00:22:39]:

Okay, so this is the second book here that I print in English in Colombia somewhere, I think, and it’s called On Nature and Consciousness. And this book, it’s not as wild a roller coaster as the first book, and not as super personal and intense and vulnerable because that was what my first book was for. And I don’t need to keep going on that loop in order to make more content.

The whole book was about transcending, that healing, it transforming it. This book, I feel like it’s more mature, and it’s more lessons of life and my relationship with nature and just growing spiritually in a more calm, peaceful way and finding peace. Because I wrote most of the poems of this during the pandemic when shit got crazy, and I was just living in the woods. Essentially, I was living in my parent’s house in the woods.

I’d just go in the woods pretty much all day, every day. Or in the winter, I’d go to the church, and I’d sit in the church all day and then maybe go to a cafe if it was open, and then back to my house and sit in my room. And I think the isolation, I think it helped me a lot because I was able to go into deeper and deeper things that I wasn’t going to get distracted from or deeper and deeper, I guess, like messages and poems and yeah.

I have pictures from a lot of New Jersey in the town where I spent my time living. And then also this is California. California, where I went for a week in New Jersey. I have some from Columbia as well. Yeah, this is from Ecuador, where I took the Ayahuasca and ayahuasca ceremony. And I guess I can read one poem from here just because there are some that are like, I don’t even know how I wrote them. I was like, Where does this come from?

I think I wrote the hardest poems, like the ones that hit the most at the beginning of the pandemic, because of the time of most uncertainty and most just like hushness. I think there’s probably a lot of fear, too, in people. So this one is just a picture of my street, probably in March or April of 2020. And this is the poem. It’s called silence. Only when your silence empties you and your emptiness breaks you will you be ready for a life in the spirit.


I like it.

Evan Forsell [00:25:52]:

Yeah. I was like, wow. Yeah. I showed the last couple of pictures here. And again, it’s just my life experience and my intention with this is just to serve as a guide inspiration to people to get more in touch with themselves and ask deeper questions and come more into contact with who they really are and what they’re really doing in life and what reality is all about. And if they identify as connecting with God to do that, or however they identify as connecting spiritually. But I don’t even think it needs to be a certain label or terminology or anything. It’s just that’s the cost of Ecuador. I lived in my tent there for three months.



Evan Forsell [00:26:46]:

Yeah. And then I translated into Spanish and Ohaz, de conscientia. And I made, like, colored this is like the special edition where I colored it in everything. And it’s like the best quality possible pictures, same pictures before, but it’s like a lot nicer in this format. Yeah.


So it’s a book of poems and photography and the benefit in little lines.

Evan Forsell [00:27:19]:

Like little tidbits of wisdom, too.


Oh, good. It says your bandwidth is low. So I do know it’s your fault now, but we’re done with the main stuff. My last question is just on this book is what? Short answer, because you are breaking up. So I don’t even know if we can use all this video. But why would somebody want to buy this book? What would they gain from it?

I mean, poetry is subjective, so there are a lot of people that are going to resonate with it and gain benefit, obviously. Your photography is gorgeous. Your perspective is gorgeous. There’s a lot. But what do you say to people that would be interested in the book?

Evan Forsell [00:28:12]:

Well, I’d say maybe certain people are attracted to a certain book. They’re all available digitally, really cheaply, so it’s probably cheaper than a coffee. For the digital book and the physical book, you can tangibly pick it up and look at the pictures and have it as like a presence in your house and maybe open to a page and just read a poem like Tarot or an oracle card or the Bible or whatever.

I’m sorry I mentioned Tarot and the Bible in the same sentence, but that’s just how I speak. And they both exist on this planet, so I’m not going to deny them. But I think it could be good as just something to refer to and maybe inspire people. Or there’s a poem that hits them and gives them a certain spark that lights them up and makes them just more interested in learning about life and getting to know themselves better.

And getting to know yourself better is ultimately healing. So just to come into more peace. And that sense of ultimate safety about we’re only here temporarily, but how do you find true safety while we’re here not using something externally or needing a certain doctrine? So that’s been my journey, really. And my books are like codifications and guides for that. Like religions are codifications and guides for people to connect with God in a certain way. These are my mini bibles. But I’m not saying I’m God. I’m just saying I’m an author of certain guides that people can use to inspire themselves and help themselves in their own process and get inspired or just see something beautiful and feel uplifted by it.

Or to see some really dark poems and resonate with it and feel like there’s someone else who’s also gone through a similar experience and then ultimately overcome it.


That’s what I was going to say, too. When people listen to certain songs or music that resonates, it helps them get through something because they can relate. They know somebody else going through it. So that’s what it reminds me of. And I’m sure it will help people because you’re young, too, but you’re wise for your age.

So you went through a lot when you were younger and you were able, like you said, to codify it and have that expression that can help someone else going through the same thing.

Evan Forsell [00:30:37]:

Yeah, that’s my ultimate goal. And that’s why do this. And at least maybe some people listen to this and then be interested in seeing it because it’s really just about giving a gift to people. I’ve invested way more money in this than I’ve actually made, and I’ve just done it hopefully, you can hear me. I’ve just done this as a labor of love and service and creating art. Can you hear me?


I can hear you.

Evan Forsell [00:31:13]:

Wait. Can you hear me?


Yeah. Can you hear me?

Evan Forsell [00:31:16]:

Wait. You can hear me the whole time?


Yeah. Was I frozen again?

Evan Forsell [00:31:22]:



I could hear you.

Evan Forsell [00:31:25]:

Oh. And the last part about that is that art is therapy. So when I was able to express all these things and get them on paper, I mean, it’s good to talk to one person. I guess I’m expressing it to a lot of people. But I think the more we can take the things that are the most buried, deep down things and express them and make them visible, the quicker they can heal and the less of a thorn or like a knife in whatever part of our body it’ll be, we can live our lives with less suffering and just be a more pleasant, beautiful experience.


Yeah, I think you’re helping to write the updated Amazon description with all this. I’m making some notes. Let’s end the interview portion because I want to just focus on your book for this part. So I appreciate you sharing those, both of those and the fact that they’re in Spanish because then you can reach even more people. And you wrote the Spanish.

Evan Forsell [00:32:34]:

Like moy barata mente paracier persona real mente osia English practica espanol.


So it’s for everybody who also wants it in Spanish, but they could also practice English and Spanish and learn Spanish through both translations.

Evan Forsell [00:33:03]:

Yeah, you could just use these books as a language guide and just learn the language because I had to look in the source and I had to look in the dictionary and help get Spanish speaking friends to help me edit these books. So much so they are mostly to the point, like accurate translations. Sometimes I had to change it, but.


Yeah, well, you just brought up the fact that you are bilingual and offer Spanish lessons, I may add. So we fit that in there. But the truth is too, though, that helping to reach more people out of their darkness and share your light is valuable. So the fact that you translated it with your friends as well is different than just going through Google Translate. It’s poetry. It’s unique to you. It needs to be from you. So I think that makes it much better than something you just get off.

Evan Forsell [00:33:57]:

The no, no, I translate it myself. Yeah, but then I had to tell me edit it and make sure it didn’t sound ridiculous. I want to translate everything really literally.


No, I’m with you. I’ve translated things poorly through Google Translate. Yeah. I’ve taken a few lessons of other languages and definitely you need somebody that’s a native speaker to make sure it’s right.

Evan Forsell [00:34:26]:

Yeah, and also it’s about the intonation and the impact of the poem. So if I just have a robot making that, it doesn’t have, like on a certain level, it may make sense, but it’s not like me expressing the word directly. Even if I have to modify it somewhat into another language, I want to still hit. So I need to make sure it’s the right words. And sometimes it needs to be a different word that the robot wouldn’t necessarily use or think of as the first word.


Yeah, I’m with you. That’s amazing. So I’ll have links below. I’ll have links in the article. We’re going to have an article as well. And the main thing are the books and the Spanish lessons. The Ayahuasca experience is a bonus because people are curious about that.

Evan Forsell [00:35:10]:

We’re not going to I am. Not an ayahuasca financial or medical advisor.


There’s no medical advice here. See your doctor if you have aches.

Evan Forsell [00:35:23]:

And pains, the medical medium would not approve of it. But ironically, that was directly addressed in the ayahuasca experience. So then you have to be like, I don’t know. Everything is like your choice in life, and we have to live with the consequences. But yeah, just don’t be afraid if you do it.


Yeah, I forgot you talked about Medical Medium, so I’m pretty sure we’ve touched on every possible topic to insult people.

Evan Forsell [00:35:54]:

No, that’s good, though. It’s just like it’s good because if someone gets offended, then they can start to reflect on why they’re offended. Because if you’re really sure about it, you don’t need to get offended. You just say, like, that’s stupid. I know the truth and you’re good.


I agree with that. Yeah. It’s really hard to offend me. Maybe if you talk about my mom, that’s about it.

Evan Forsell [00:36:20]:

Your mom’s cat and gorgeous. Wait, she or he?



Evan Forsell [00:36:27]:

Oh, she yeah, she’s our A.


She’s a babe. World famous now.

Evan Forsell [00:36:34]:

She goes hard for those donuts.


She’s getting a little chunky, but we got the Misty plug in, too. So we got all the plugs in tonight, plus all the controversial topics.

Evan Forsell [00:36:47]:

Thank you.


Thank you. From Peru?

Evan Forsell [00:36:53]:

Yeah, from the sacred valley of Peru.


That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Thank you. I’m going to stop the recording, but you can stay on for a second. So we’re going to say goodbye to this part.

Evan Picachoo picture

Current Plans Involve Expanding his Consciousness

Evan is connected to the “interwebs” if you want to reach out.

But he’s currently traveling through Peru, the Sacred Valley, and the Cusco region.

He’s a dancer! He loves it. And he barely has a chance to do it.

If he hears music, you know what he’ll be doing.

Download the transcript here.

Contact Evan for Spanish Lessons or Simply to Connect with a Like-Minded Soul

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