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Eva let me do something a little different in our private community for our live weekly Zoom – she let me interview her! 🙂

She’s thrived on a 100% RAW fruits and veggies lifestyle for six years, showing profound discipline and self-awareness.

We dive deep into Eva’s transformative journey, discussing her triumphs over life’s adversities and her incredible transition to plant-based coaching after a lifetime of trials.

Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of embracing a healthy, mindful lifestyle.

Unlock the secrets to bouncing back from life’s challenges – and learn how a healthy eating path can be one of the critical keys to mastering your well-being.

Check out the interview below – it’s food for your body and soul. And no questions were off-limits!

While you’re there, subscribe to @ShariCravesFruit on YouTube – where we get raw about life and have a few laughs along the way!

** You could learn if she was married before her current husband.

** You can learn about her childhood.

** You can learn about her past PHOBIA that the raw vegan diet cured!

** You can learn if she’s ever done drugs!

** You can learn about her most embarrassing trait!

❤️❤️ You couldn’t always see what I was doing off-camera to make her laugh, but it was a fun interview. ❤️❤️

All About Eva the Raw Food Coach

Eva was born in 1971 in the flux of post-dictatorial Spain, a time and place ripe with the budding blossoms of freedom yet still rooted in the old constraints.

She grew up in the shadow of a recently vanished dictatorship, witnessing a nation’s struggle to redefine itself during the vibrant and tumultuous 1980s.

In her homeland, rebellion and new cultural expressions were emerging.

It wasn’t until she ventured abroad that Eva truly felt the ripples of unbridled self-expression.

Eva The Raw Food Coach and Shari Likes Fruit

America seemed like a place where being unapologetically oneself was not only accepted but celebrated.

Eva embodies the fiery spirit of those transformative Spanish years, molded by constraint but inspired by the possibilities she observed in her travels.

We only touched the surface of her life’s journey, but it was a fun snapshot—we learned a bit about her inspiration for healing emotionally and physically.

Thrive and Shine Community with Eva and Shari

Unfortunately, our private community (Thrive and Shine) is now closed to new members, but if you need 1:1 coaching or want to be a part of a joyful, kind community (with a shared passion for the plant-based lifestyle – OR – if you share a love of animals), please send me an email, and I will send you a personalized recommendation based on your unique needs and goals.

Whether it’s fitness, weight loss, pet bereavement, recipe sharing, or you simply need an accountability partner or a community, please reach out.

For now, I think you’ll really enjoy getting to know Eva the Raw Food Coach in this fascinating interview!

Timestamps from The Interview

Download the Transcript here.

00:00 Taking turns sharing struggles to inspire others.

05:24 In Spain, direct speech is a cultural norm.

10:00 Privileged stepfather brings chaos to family life.

12:17 Humans experience trauma differently; kids may be affected.

14:39 Stepfather’s tragic end due to alcoholism. Cautionary tale.

19:00 Privileged upbringing, grateful for good memories.

24:10 Met responsible and secure husband, attracted immediately.

27:09 Love mornings, evenings, but struggle with depression.

30:58 Exercise, walk, and work longer for better health.

32:12 Constant worry about family and snakes.

38:44 Decisive shift to prioritize health over temptations.

40:24 Accepting varying levels of commitment and understanding.

44:27 “Some struggle with raw diet due to past.”

45:38 Learning from others to become better coaches.

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