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Can a Vegan Athlete Thrive Without Eating Meat?


by Shari


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My Interview with Plant-based Athlete, David Luna

Dave and his Girls

You will truly be inspired by this interview whether you read/watched Part One or not.

We got deep!

Dave is a friend and a former gym training partner.

He’s a plant-based athlete who’s overcome a divorce, alcoholism, diabetes, early-stage liver disease, obesity, anxiety, broken bones, depression, and pill addiction – and has NEVER eaten an animal in his life!

He continues to thrive since making the mental shift we all seek, combined with consistency day after day.

He became a NASM Certified Fitness Coach while working full-time and co-parenting his two young daughters with his ex-wife.

He competes in marathons, weight trains daily, runs a group fitness coaching class twice a week, and lives a life of service to inspire as many people as possible, that we don’t need meat in order to thrive.

In my mid-thirties now, I wake up every single day and I’m actually in better shape than I was the day previous. And to be honest, not a lot of people can say that. And it makes me feel good.

Dave Fitness training

Dave holds nothing back. He wants to inspire others to live a limitless life.

He discusses his mindset during his transition, his secrets to success, the books that helped his journey, and the emotional roller coaster involved in a life of positive change.

He discusses his setbacks and how he is able to release his past identity. We both got emotional at times, but it was all worth it for the motivation and practical tips you’ll gain.

Want to know what’s possible?

Check out our interview on YouTube – I promise you’ll expand your thinking about what’s possible.

And please – let us know what you think. You can comment here on the blog or under the video interview below.

Worrying about or being fearful of something that hasn’t happened yet is like paying for something that you haven’t gotten yet. It doesn’t really make sense for me to do that anymore.


Check out Part One of the interview here.

Download the transcript here.

If You Live in San Diego, You Can Train in Person with Dave!

Download a PDF flyer and get your butt to a workout!

How to find Dave for business/product consulting or fitness training:

Check out all of our Interviews here.

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